This week has been crazy!
I cannot believe I survived through it!
First of all, my phone doesnt ring as often sniff and i dont
get any morning calls sniff :P hehehe
Second, I had my assessment plan due and on top of that.. my practicum portfolio!
I hardly got any sleep (almost living in Taiwan time)
and have done way too much "reflecting on self"
How I am as a teacher, my strengths, my weaknesses,
the methadologies, the theories, and the hardest... my teaching philosophy...
But it's all done now... and turned it in on time!
Phew....... hopefully it will be another A! :D

My last project is the assessment portfolio which is due next Friday!
And my next teaching session at TMCC starts May 9th so im gonna
start doing the 7-9 again! yayayaya
Tonight I can finally slack for a little bit!
And Im gonna go do YOGA tomorrow! :P

BUSY BUSY BUSY! I am exhuasted both physically and mentally....
But Id rather be busy than stare at my ceiling wall all day!
Good thing is I always miraculously pull through...
I guess I work well under pressure
and I do have a masters in the art of procrastination! :D ha!

For those that are taking finals too! GOOD LUCk!
Don't stress too much but dont slack off either!
Hard work... does pay off! yayayaya

BY THE WAY~ Feliz CINCO DE MaYO to all! Ai ai ai
Let's all eat tortillas con quesillos and listen to mariachi's sing!

交大 秦毓婷 (Tiffany)

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