Sunday 3/18/07
9:30am     Leave Reno
11:00am   Roseville
11:35 am  Capitol Park (Successfully got MeyZi)

Too bad we didnt bump into Arnold, the major!

1:52pm  I-5 Life and Death Witness
4:30pm  Arrive at LA

5:30pm  Santa Monica Beach (second time here? or third... i forgot)

7:00pm Yummy Thai Cuisine

Monday 3/19/07
10:30am Six Flags Magic Mountain

It was sooooooooooooo much fun! Bill, his classmate, Jonny, and I went on EVERY ride possible!
Roller coasters dont scare me at all.... I love the thrill!!! 


8:30 pm Japan Village Plaza

10:30 pm Ten-Len Ming Tea
This was soooo 感動! I havent had 珍珠奶茶 in sooo long! Yummy


Tuesday 3/20/07

8:40am Leave Hotel Ranch 99 (breakfast) 

10:30am Mission beach!!!! VERY VERY BEAUTIFUL!


12:00pm University of San Diego (Possible future phd??? Nah) hahaha


5:00pm Old Town
In this old town, you feel like you are in Mexico! Reminds me of the good old days in Honduras!
I miss this tortillas con quesillos!

9:00pm  hotel

Wednesday 3/21/07 

10:00 am San Diego Zoo 
Actually it's just like any other zoo! The only special thing about this zoo is that it's soooo BIG! I walked way too much!


5:00pm Balboa Park (Just another pretty building)

7:00pm Japanese restaurant 

 8:00pm San Diego Coronado Bay Bridge (I dont have pictures cuz it was soooo dark)

 9:20pm Comfort Suites 

Thursday 3/22/07 

10:00 am Mexico boarder 
Here, you can definetely feel the tension in the year!
Todas la gente quiere quedar en los estados unidos. The land of the free..... yeah right!


1:16 pm United States Naval Reservation 

Toured this huge Naval ship! Was also on the phone almost the entire time trying to figure out clubbing schedules for the nite! 


Friday 3/23/07 

10:30am Leave San Diego 

We happened to pass by another pretty beach tourist spot! :D I love the weather!


2:30am Arrive Reno

SNIFF SNIFF.... end of Spring break! :P
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