I spent Christmas weekend in Las Vegas with my parents!
From Dec 20th to 25th! Yeah almost a week there i almost felt like i live there!
Well this time I did vegas a little different.
No clubbing!!!
But a lot of gambling
I only played roulette cuz thats the easiest of them all!
And occasionally i would play those really cool animated slot machines!

Also did a lot of SHOPPING!
My mom went crazy at the Coach store!
My daddy bought me one too YEAH
but i still think those bags are pretty expensive...
I mean they are just bags for the cost of a digital camera ahahahahah
but im still pretty happy yayayaya
and hopefully I dont ruin it within a month! Ahhhhhhh

We also visited Hoover Dam AGAIN! Hahaha and im sure that is not the last time!
Im like a tour guide now! hahaha

Also finally walked the Las Vegas Strip on the last day
and went into many other hotels that i havent been in before (including Paris)!

Overall this vegas trip was pretty fun!

Oh and my wish did come true!
Last time in vegas i threw a penny in the wishing fountain and made a wish!
Eric wished to win money when gambling and he did!
And I wished for all As!!!!!
And it came true! That's rite! I got all As this semester!
Still on the all A 4.0 GPA honor roll!
So freaking happy!!!!!!
I really do hope i graduate with a 4.0 GPA

Anyways stay tuned for more on grand canyon, LA, and San Fran!
too tired now... gotta go recover from the wild trip!

Merry Xmas to you all!!! Muah!


交大 秦毓婷 (Tiffany)

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  • Lily
  • Congratulation!!<br />
    U got all As this <br />
    semester,Hey~great job...HA HA<br />
    and 'WISH U A HAPPY NEW <br />
    YEAR'...<br />
  • Its me...
  • To you too Lily! Ur so sweet i <br />
    got ur xmas card and ur gift! <br />
    THank you so much! I love it <br />
    its so cute! How are u lately? <br />
    Hows school?
  • Lily
  • i'm glad that you like it...<br />
    Jojo的你也有收到嗎??<br />
    最近呀....身體健康狀況不大好??<br />
    學校嘛~~壓力是蠻大的...<br />
    不過我會ㄍㄧㄥ住的!!<br />
    幫我加加油吧!!<br />
    ㄛ對~最近沒拍照,so...<br />
    改天有拍在給你看看我頭髮的顏色囉!!!<br />