Nov 24 Friday

2:00 pm Wake up
2:30 pm Eat at Roxy's! All the waiters there sing live which is pretty cool!
4:00 pm Went to Fashion Show Mall for a little bit
Too hectic in there!!!!
7:00 pm Watched Pirate Show at the Treasure Island
Um yeah the things they say are kinda rated... haha

7:30 pm At Dinner at Pho (Eric's favorite he will not stop btchin)
inside Treasure Island
8:00 pm Watched the volcano Eruption at the Mirage which was kinda boring

12:00 pm Went clubbing at RAIN inside the Palms Hotel.
Typical club setting!
Me and Eric had a competition to see who got the most hit ons
And of course I WON! I mean Im prey when I dance by myself!

4:00 pm Late nite snack at Jack in the box and tour of the Las Vegas Trip!

Enjoy the funny video of Emma and jonathan dead asleep! :P FUNNY ha
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