Nov 23 Thursday Thanksgiving
Red Rock Canyon + Voodoo Lounge

11:00pm Wake up
12:45pm On the road to eat lunch
1:00 pm Ate at Pho Vietnamese Restaurant

2:45 pm Head to Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

3:30 pm Arrive Red Rock Canyon
Take pictures like CRAZY

4:40 pm Leave Red Rock Canyon
5:10 pm Back to HOTEL
7:00 pm Ate at Korean BBQ restaurant
8:00 pm Went home and got dressed up
9:00 pm Arrive at Rio Hotel/ Voodoo lounge
The Voodoo Lounge is by far the nicest club Ive ever been to
It is 51 stories high on top of the Rio Hotel. It has an outside and inside dance floor with two bars!
You get a 360 degree view of the Las Vegas Strip!
Very romantic but also playful! They played really cool hiphop music and they also had girls dancing in many corners! And the Adios there are sooooo good! We all rated this as our favorite!
I drank quite a bit that nite! I mean come on its thanksgiving! I had two sex on the beaches. 1 adios mother fckers.
Then eric got me some chocolate cake shot which completely did it!
I was pretty gone by then! ahahaha

4:00 pm HOME SLEEP

This sure was one memorable THanksgiving! YAYAYA The best!
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