Destination: Las Vegas Stratosphere Hotel

1:00 pm Buy GPS B-otch at Best Buy and ate at Jake in the Box! Their milkshakes are the best!

2:30 pm Get on the highway head for VEGAS
4:00 pm GPS bi-tch took us to Gabbs Pole Line Rd
It was a dirt road in the middle of no where
We even encountered cows in the middle of the road!

For a minute we though the car was on fire!
But then realized its just the smell of cow shit! Phew
The GPS bi-tch was saying off route so many times that we really thought we would never make it alive
And on top of that! WE WERE ALMOST OUT OF GAS!!!!
5:40 pm Still on Gabbs Pole Line Rd but finally pavement roads!!!
6:00 pm Civilization!!! GAS STATION! Finally have cellphone reception!

6:15 pm Head on US-6
6:38 pm Switch drivers and some nice Americans stopped to ask if we were okay! SO friendly!
8:00 pm Almost running out of GAS!! AGAIN!!! Station PLZ!!!! >_<
8:01 pm Finally! God loves us! We love Shell.
Then we realized that we past Area 51 already so we decided to head straight to vegas!
Drive onto I-15 YA! Vegas!
10:00 pm Arrive Las Vegas and met with Eric

11:00 pm Ate dinner at Sun Chinese Restaurant 食神
1:19 pm Back at hotel and almost passing out! ha
2:00 pm Gamble
3:30 pm SLEEP


交大 秦毓婷 (Tiffany)

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